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   So, I've been SUPER stressed about finding a job. I still have $15 in my pocket,
but I'm gonna go buy a pack o' smokes when I get done with this post. I can't handle
all this crap without a smoke - Anyway - before I digrees too far:
   So, I had this killer interview yesterday as you probably know from my previous post.
My dad said I should send them an e-mail and just thank them for letting me come in (you know - BS them some more). So I went to do that today and there was an e-mail from them! Here is an excerpt from that:

Hi John –
How did your meeting go with our team on Monday? Things were very positive from our end and I would love to hear your thoughts on the position.

So I call her and she is soo excited. Asked me again what I would like in way of compensation.  I told her and she said "not a problem" (makes me think I should have asked for more!).  I have all my references in order and just e-mailed them off. She said they should make a
decision by Friday! OMG!! I am SO excited I think I just peed in my pants.  (No, I do not sit around naked and post on the Internet. Well, not today anyway).
   So - if you weren't already - cross your fingers for me! I really want / need this job!!

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